President’s Message

Hello. My name is Michele Collins and I am President of New Jersey Commission on Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities (NJCRID).  Being President of NJCRID is an honor.   It’s one of those groups that you hear about – but then say – who are those guys?   Over the years, members have included  retired professionals, seasoned professionals, young professionals , parents of individuals with disabilities and individuals with disabilities. .  All of us care about people with disabilities and would like to make their world a better place. 

Being President of NJCRID is not something I ever aspired to.  I wanted to get involved with this group as I thought I had something to give back.   So – I immediately got involved with the Awards Committee and the Program Committee.  When the President’s position came up – I had the time and the energy – so I accepted the challenge.   I have been President for almost two years now and it is has been  an exciting, frustrating, wonderful  time.  And most of the time I actually feel as though I make a difference in the lives of the individuals we serve.    

Exciting – as leading and coordinating comes easy to me and it’s a new adventure.  

Frustrating – 2020 set us all in a tailspin with COVID -19.  It has not ended either – it’s lingering in 2021.   We just have to continue to do everything we can to stay safe – wash our hands – wear masks – social distance and do what we can to be well.   In 2020 –  NJCRID had wanted to hold our annual conference – that was cancelled.  Now we are trying to figure out how to do workshops/conferences virtually.  But, I know NJCRID is not alone – it’s this way for most groups.  

Wonderful – I feel as though I have made a slight difference in the lives of the board members and the lives of the individuals we serve.