Meet the NJCRID Board: Getting to know Karen

Why Did I get Involved with the New Jersey Commission on Recreation for Individuals  with Disabilities?    Why Should You? 

By: Karen V. Bourque-Scott

President’s note:  I have had the pleasure of knowing Karen Bourque Scott since her days in the East Brunswick Recreation Department.   Karen is a giver.  Always has been – always will be.  She never stops.   She is the energizer bunny.   She continues to volunteer for NJCRID even after her retirement from the Recreation and Park field.  Karen is also someone I call my friend and colleague.  This short piece on Getting to Know Karen – just gives you a little slice in the life of Karen Bourque Scott,

Sincerely, Michele Borelli Collins   

President, NJCRID

Recently, I was asked by one of my friends, “Why in the world are you still active on the Board of Directors of NJCRID after 40 years of volunteering for that organization”? How and why did I get involved and why way back in 1981? Here are my thoughts and reasons.

I had four children under the age of four years and one child who was physically disabled with cancer from birth.  Another child was diagnosed with neurological and perceptual impairments, dyslexia and then add some emotional problems due to having a twin sister who was extremely smart.

So I initially volunteered for many years with the East Brunswick School system’s Special Education Department. I worked with children with various disabilities. I attended several college courses to attain more information and insight and read everything I could to help my two disabled children and others in schools and group homes. 

NJCRID has opened many closed doors to people with disabilities. The Commission lit a fire within me to continue to reach out to aid every possible form of disability imaginable in multiple ways.

I guess my thinking is, “if we don’t focus on the needs of the disabled population, who will?”  I am both truly thankful and proud to be totally involved in the work of the Commission.