Wheelchair BocciHow do I volunteer?
Contact us at   Request and complete the volunteer application. A commission member will contact you upon receiving your application form.

Am I able to earn credit hours for volunteering?
NJ CRID does not provide internships for Therapeutic Recreation Certification.  NJ CRID does not provide credits for volunteering with us.  Upon request, NJ CRID will provide a letter containing the number of volunteer hours worked.  Check with your academic advisor, certification program, and/or employer regarding earning credit for volunteering with us.

How do I request information?
Our email address and mailing address are available on our CONTACT US page.

Outdoor ActivitiesHow do I become a Conference sponsor?
Our delegates support vendors who support NJ CRID. Sponsorships allow companies to get the most of their marketing dollars.  Sponsor benefits include recognition in the Conference Registration Program; recognition in the Sponsor Page in the Conference Program Book; listing on the NJ CRID website as a Conference Sponsor; link from NJ CRID website to company website; signage at Conference Registration provided by NJ CRID; and Conference Registration Packet Slip insert (8 1/2 x 11 page). Prior to each Conference, a Sponsorship Form is available online for each sponsor to provide company and sponsorship details.

How do I become a Conference speaker?
Our conferences have trained thousands of professionals and citizen advocates for over 30 years.  Each one-hour session is on a specific topic related to recreation for individuals with disabilities.  Each session may be interactive and/or presentational.  Each session is geared to provide participants with new knowledge and/or skills that may be implemented in their service environment.  Prior to each Conference, a Session Speaker Form is available online for a speaker/presenter to provide a session description with learning objectives and information regarding their credentials.

Enjoying the parkHow do I become a Conference exhibitor?
Our delegates support vendors who support NJ CRID.  Exhibitor companies are provided consultation and marketing opportunities with delegates from across NJ.  Tabletop Exhibit location/placement is made on a first-arrival basis.  Exhibitors receive a discounted early registration rate, tabletop exhibit space, and continental breakfast and awards luncheon. Exhibitors may attend educational sessions.  Prior to each Conference, an Exhibitor Space Reservation Form is available online for each Exhibitor to provide company and exhibit details.

How do I donate?
Donation details are in the side banner of each page.

Special Olympics ActivitiesHow do I submit a post for the Resource Directory?
Send us an email with your requested addition to our resource directory. Include link if available. Our email address is MyNJCRID @ (please remove spaces before using)

Are scholarships available through NJ CRID?
Scholarships are not available. NJ CRID is a non-profit organization with no governmental funding.