Executive Committee:NJ CRID Logo Block

  • Patricia Swartz, Chairperson
  • Theresa A. Dunwiddie, Vice Chairperson
  • Patricia Papenberg, Treasurer
  • Paulann Pierson, Recording Secretary
  • Marta Haviland, Past Chair



Archery ProgramFinance Committee: Prepares budget, recommends financial policies to Commission, development financial priorities, ensures all required financial reports are prepared and filed.  Manages check book, offers treasurer’s report at general meeting, prepare reports for accountant.  Treasurer serves on executive committee.

  • Chair:  Lisa Cohan Aronow
  • Patricia Papenberg
  • Karen Bourque-Scott
  • Patricia Swartz
  • Joyce Ferejohn

Classroom EducationEducation & Professional Development Committee:  
Manages all aspects of Conference and workshop preparation.  Responsible for design and institution of Workshop.    

  • Chair: Theresa Dunwiddie
  • Bobbi Bach Freedman
  • Donna Provenzano
  • Karen Bourque-Scott
  • Anne Marie Chesterman
  • Patricia Papenberg
  • Michele Borelli Collins

Learning BaseballAwards Committee:  Manages all aspects of awards from seek nominations to presentation of awards.

  • Chair: Michele Collins
  • Linda Halm
  • Patricia Swartz
  • Karen Bourque-Scott
  • Marta Haviland



discus thrower
Marketing Committee:  Increasing awareness of NJ CRID’s work statewide, responsible for PR either directly or via a PR professional.

  • Chair: Sharika Linzey
  • Paulann Pierson



Special Olympics RunnersWebsite Committee:  Interacts with web tech for new content and  updating.  Responsible for branding, social media, speaker bureau, working with education and professional development to design and institute a program and newsletter.

  • Chair: Erik Aleman
  • Joanne Van Sant
  • Patricia Swartz


Wheelchair BocciRecruitment Committee:  Seek out people of interest to join the Commission as Director or Advisory Member.  Recommend a slate of officers.

  • Chair: Lisa Cohan Aronow
  • Theresa Dunwiddie
  • Karen Bourque-Scott
  • Patricia Swartz


Surfer with Service DogPublic Affairs Committee:  
Advocate for legislation, regulations, policies, and procedures that ensures full inclusion of people with disabilities by providing services, programs, and recreation facilities that are accessible.

  • Patricia Swartz
  • Linda Meyer



Equestrian ActivitiesFundraising Committee:  Identifying prospective grantors, managing grant writers, working with marketing chair on joint social media/fundraising projects.

  • Marta Haviland